About Train Like Heroes

Personal Fitness Trainers in Ajax, Ontario

Train Like Heroes is a community-based gym offering a full package unique training experience. Much like how every Hero has their own Superpower, we at Train Like Heroes understand how unique each member is and offer a variety of classes or customized programs designed to fit the needs of any first-time gym goer or an elite level athlete. Our elite fitness professionals devote their time to each member, giving them their own customized experience (ages 13+).

Looking to get back into the swing of things? Try our 1-hour high intensity interval training Bootcamp class (all fitness levels) or how about mastering the art of body weight moment in Calisthenics. Maybe you are more into honing the skills of lifting heavy; then try our Olympic Lifting class. Enjoy cardio with a side order of core? Have no fear the cardio-core class is here! Not interested in classes? No worries, Open Gym is where our trainers will build you a custom program specific to your wants and needs every time you walk through the doors. Our goal is to find out what you love and continue to build off of it!

We at Train Like Heroes understand the value of variety and how different each of us (Heroes) are. Which is why it is our honour to continue to give you the most unique training experience every time you walk through the doors. The best part of all is you can even share Train Like Heroes to the whole family! Got kids? Kids program (ages 4-12) is a great way to start showing them what teamwork, camaraderie & leadership is all about! We look forward to assisting you on your journey to becoming the Hero! Now let’s get you started. “Don’t forget to train hard and always Train Like Heroes!!”